About tmatic.travel
tmatic.travel is all in one service for solo travellers. We base tmatic.travel on creativity of thousands travel&culture experts over the world: now their expertise is available for you in an automated way and based on your personal needs, preferences and budget.
In addition to audio guides, we added travel itineraries to help you plan your trip. Also we developed on-demand personal support from local experts to make you feel welcome in every new destination. Finally, we added integration with the best online travel services to fill your travel itinerary with tickets, hotels and car rentals.

We aim to find best proportion of automatic and thematic in your travels!
tmatic.travel is the brand new travel service launched by izi.TRAVEL founders.
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tmatic.travel – new service from the izi.TRAVEL founders

self guided audio tours, travel itineraries, tickets and hotels, local experts: all on one map