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On we have millions of experienced solo-travellers. But even they may need your help or advise on local peculiarities.
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Create or adjust travel itineraries...

Some travellers prefer to follow detailed travel itinerary to not miss anything interesting. Help them to create a personalised plan or customise one of the thousands already created by other experts. You'll be paid each time your itinerary has been used.
...or just help with local-specific questions
Even those who prefer travel without any plan may be faced quite simple questions in a new country: "Is it possible to park a car here?", "How to buy a train ticket?", "Is it possible to pick mushrooms in the local forest?", etc. With such online support you may accompany many travellers simultaneously and get fixed support fee even if there were no questions.Do you have specific requirements to content layout, format, length, etc.? We will explain your needs to authors and will help them to adjust their content to your standards.
How it works provides many services for solo travellers: self guided audio tours, travel itineraries, booking hotels and tickets. In basic scenario traveller may use only these online services, but on top of them we build personal connection with local travel expert who may online accompany traveller during his trip. With developing detailed and personalised travel itinerary or just 24/7 answers in chat on simple but city/country specific questions (e.g. where to buy flowers in the city in 2 a.m.).
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