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Hello, Welcome to izi.TRAVEL’s exciting Rail journey of the Kalka Shimla Toy-Train. Known for its charming views of the hills and encompassing village, the Kalka–Shimla rail route is a

single narrow-gauge track, which is 76.2cm width, covering a distance of 96 km. The entire rail route falls in Himachal Pradesh state, starting from Kalka lying at the foothills of the Himalayas at an altitude of 656 meters to Shimla at an altitude of 2,276 m. Well, it is going to be an ascend of 1620 meters. For the British, it was a necessity, as Shimla was their summer capital for almost 80 years.


Built by Herbert Septimius Harington between 1898 and 1903, the Kalka Shimla line is truly a great wonder to admire within the collections of British architecture. This was indeed a splendid technical and structural feat built 120 years ago. It got UNESCO world Heritage status in the year 2008.

So, let us now get inside the train. Please find your name among the passenger list posted outside. Spot your name and take your reserved seat. Let us get going!

My name is Aparna and I am truly pleased to be your izi tour guide as we ascend all the way up to Shimla. There are 18 points in this journey that are the most important for which I will be telling you the story. Please feel free to listen at your leisure as there is plenty of time at each point. Let us start with Kalka.

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