Lublin’s Old Town and Deptak

The history of Lublin is long and colourful; as far back as Neolithic times, people were living on the Old Town hill. Lublin has changed its face many times over the years, and it’s left its traces. We are happy to point them out.
We kindly invite you to walk through the Old Town with us. We will show you its highlights and, in the meantime, you will learn more about Lublin’s rich history. Stories and legends will be shared during this approximately one-hour tour. Some will be informative, others will give food for thought, nonetheless, we will keep our tone of voice light and sometimes even cheeky, so hopefully, we can crack a smile on your face. All audio is professionally recorded by a native speaker.
Lublin’s motto is ‘City of Inspiration’. Martin, the author of this tour, has been awarded the title of Lublin Guide of Inspiration. So, let’s provide you with a truly inspiring walk!
This audio tour starts in front of Pub U Szewca (Grodzka Street 18), located in the middle of the Old Town, and ends at Lithuanian Square.
Accessing the audio tour is easy. We kindly advise you to download the tour upfront to your mobile phone, so you won’t be dependent on the mobile internet quality. Stories will start to play automatically at the right location. Spoken directions are provided. Pictures, the route map, and written information will be visible on your screen. You also have the option to play any story again.
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City: Lublin

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