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This is Chicago: the city of musicals, wind, sports, culture and the speedy flow of money. But also for many, Chicago is a city of mafia clans, Al Capone and lawlessness during the period of Prohibition. In many ways, this "gangster" reputation was created by movies: Hollywood productions have depicted hundreds of criminals and brave detectives in the city. But those days are gone. Now Chicago's streets are full of superheroes and supervillains of all kinds.

You’ll also find a romantic comedy or a pilot episode of a new TV series shooting nearby. It's no wonder, because on the screen, and in reality, Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the US.

Our guide is divided into 10 parts; each of them dedicated to a particular movie or TV show. Just look at the list at the beginning of the tour, choose what interests you and head over to that particular location.

1-9 “Batman” by Christopher Nolan

10-11 “The Brother 2”

12-14 “The Fugitive”

15-18 “The Untouchables”

19-25 “Divergent”

25-28 “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

29-31 “Home Alone”

32-33 “The Lake House”

34-39 “Emergency Room” (“ER”)

40-41 “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med”

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