New Delhi Sightseeing Tour

Hello! In this New Delhi Sightseeing Tour, you can experience some of the most important historical landmarks.

This is a full day car tour starting from Rajghat. You can either use your own vehicle or use Rickshaws and Taxis to reach the attractions.

Most of the monuments that I am taking you to today, are literally a walk through a 1000 years of India’s history. The memorials of notable rulers, starting from the Turks and ending with the personalities who have helped to shape independent India. 

The one common thing connecting all of them is that their names continue to live today and are etched in the minds of several people who have seen Delhi evolve over the years. The tombs and the ruins stand as mute witnesses to showcase their life achievements, the art and architecture they patronised, the values they cherished and the life lessons that they have left for us to learn.


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City: New Delhi

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