Good time of the day. Thank you for choosing Kotor and our audio guide. The length of the entire route will be about 3.6 kilometers and will take at least 1.5 hours. It will consist of two parts, the first is the Old Town of Kotor and the second is a rise to a height of 280 meters to the fortress of St. John. In the Old Town you will get acquainted with the architecture of the city and the history of individual buildings, and in the second part with the military history of Kotor. In some places, you can compare, from old photographs, how the city looks then and now. There are some tips for the second part of the tour:.

- it is best to start climbing to the fortress in the morning, when the sun has not yet come out from behind the mountains, at this time it will not be so difficult to go to the fortress.

- take water with you at the rate of 1.5-2 liters per person. At the top, the water costs several times more than in the city.

- be sure to wear good, comfortable shoes - sneakers or trekking boots. No flip flops, sandals. and high heels.

- from 10 to 12 noon, tourists from cruise ships go up the mountain en masse, so try to get there before them.

Happy walk and good impressions!

Note: earlier the second part of the route ran along the Old Austrian Road to the fortress wall. This is a free trail, flatter and more scenic, and it rested against the wall where there was a hole through which you could go to the Fortress of St. John. Recently, it was closed and now the second part runs along a pedestrian path along the walls, where the bulk of tourists go. Therefore, unfortunately, you will be charged a fee for this part of the route (after point number 22 - "Rude Palace".)

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City: Kotor

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