Mahabodhi Temple Complex

Hello, Welcome to izi.TRAVEL’s tour of the Mahabodhi Complex in Bodh Gaya- Buddha's Enlightenment Venue. Every year Buddhist Pilgrims from around the globe visit Bodh Gaya to pay reverence to the exalted, Buddha. Known as Uruwela during Buddha’s time, Bodhgaya is a sacred place for Buddhists.

Located in the Eastern part of India, The Mahabodhi Temple Complex is roughly 115 kilometres south of Patna, the state capital of Bihar, and 16 kilometres from Gaya, which is the district headquarters.

Two main points that attract devotees are; the Bodhi Tree and Diamond Throne. Several monks and devotees can be seen performing a multitude of prostrations to the tree at any given time. It’s an arduous purificatory ritual: some monks are known to perform up to 100,000 prostrations at a single stretch.

Come, let us now enter the sacred complex and follow me as we walk through the main spots. I am Aparna and I am pleased to be your guide for this awakening tour.

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