Bucharest – The Old City Centre

Bucharest Old Center is the place where over 500 years ago started to develop a city, which became the Bucharest of today. It is a place full of history and culture, with buildings that managed to survive over centuries.

You will see here the remains of the Princely Court, built at the beginning of the XV century, small stores from the 1800 and imposing buildings erected since the beginning of the 1900, until the inter-war period. And you can have a good time in the hottest place of pubs, cafes and fun in Bucharest.

The tour presents a selection of the most interesting tourist attractions from the Old City Center of Bucharest in a mix of 40 stories - cultural, historical, legends and also some recommendations of "what to do" and "what to see".

As the Old City Center gathers a high density of places and stories that deserve to be found, our recommendation is that you linger for 2-3 minutes to take a better look at each touristic attraction and maybe to take some memorable photos. By that you will have the time needed to listen to every story till the end.

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City: Bucharest

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