This guide focuses on the outdoor part of the Alcatraz island. However, we start with brief Alcatraz’s history already at Pier 33 while you are waiting for the ferry. During a 15 minute boat ride you will learn basics about Golden Gate bridge and Treasure Island, the two dominants in the bay that you will be clearly see from the boat. Once you reach Alcatraz’s dock the tour around the island will start. Whenever you approach an interesting point in history to be shared it will automatically trigger audio based your GPS location. You are going to visit 24 interesting points around the island. You will hear a lot of different stories that paint the evolution of Alcatraz from military fortress to world-famous prison. The route takes about 45 minutes and is about 1 km long ending at the west side of the island with beautiful view point. There is a special audio tour in the main Cellhouse.

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