Bhimbetka Pre-Historic Rock Art

Hello, Welcome to the izi.TRAVEL tour of Bhimbetka Rock Art. Here you are going to see the amazing pre-historic rock art painted more than 10,000 years ago. It is truly a wonder to have them preserved for us to visit and learn today. This site got UNESCO world heritage inscription way back in 2003. Since then, there has been steady flow of curious visitors to see this fascinating artwork.

Let me tell you about the location;

Bhimbetka town is located about 45 kms north east of Bhopal along the Bhopal -Hoshngabad highway. Geographically, it lies at the base of the Vindhyan Mountains. The hill stretch that contains these shelters rises over 600 meters above sea level and over 100 meters above the Deccan plain within the Ratapani wildlife sanctuary. It spreads east to west at a length of more than 8 km. From a certain distance, these rocks formed of sandstones, look like a medieval fort. The buffer sector of Bhimbetka has twenty-one villages that are sparsely populated by one of the largest tribal groups known as Gonds.

I hope by now you know me well, for those who don't, I am Aparna and I'll be guiding you throughout this tour.

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