Urbirun Vienna - Highlights


Distance: 8.65km/5.35mi (*11.45km/7.1mi)
Elevation: low
Rotation: clockwise
Parks/Pedestrian: 4.1km (47%)
Urban constraints: low
Suggested start: Stefanplatz

As any urbirun route, you can start where ever you want. Watch for the route rotation.
Public transportation : underground U1 or U3, Stefanplatz station.
Vienna was the heart of Europe for almost six centuries. Imperial residence of the Habsburgs, the city is marked by their influence and prestige. Vienna is dotted with magnificent buildings, including palaces and museums. Enjoyable for the runner, you will discover a vibrant and modern city, linked to its history. It's romantic, and don't worry if you don't know how to waltz because you are here for an unforgettable run...

*Alternative route : the longest route goes along an arm of the Danube, to the Hundertwasser House

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City: Vienna

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