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Our Hutong Audio Guide experience takes you off the beaten path, and into Beijing’s hidden historical neighbourhoods.
Taking you from the Yuan Dynasty origins of the Hutongs up to the modern day uses of these communities. You’ll see what real life is like for hutong dwelling Beijingers, in and around one of the most famous hutongs in this area; Nanlougoxiang. The busy and bustling main South Luogu Alley with many traditional shops and restaurants is a great place to explore. Its then complimented by the contrasting quiet and lesser known surrounding Hutongs with all kinds of hidden gems you simply couldn’t discover on your own…

You’ll also learn about the famous members of the Imperial family that lived there during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912AD). As well as hearing some rather outlandish anecdotes about the many colourful characters who have lived in and frequented these Hutongs. For example you’ll see where the Dogmeat General once lived and was carried home in a coffin (still very much alive).

During this tour we will help you hunt down the ruins of a Tibetan Buddhist Temple, which has been abandoned and hidden away, but with our careful instructions you can see many of the impressive original features. We also introduce the childhood home of the last Empress of China, Wan Rong. You can see where she would have prepared for her wedding to Emperor Puyi.

As well as all the rich historical knowledge we can provide, we also like to offer you a chance to really immerse yourself into the culture of the Hutongs. Whether it’s stretching out on the local exercise equipment, trying your hand at Chinese chess or seeing the products that local artists produce; this audio tour can guide you through it all.

There’s also the chance to visit the former residence of renowned artist Qi baishi, which is now a small museum exhibiting his artwork. We’ll give you extra information about his life and some of the artworks so that you can really get the most out of your visit.

An invaluable resource for anyone that wants to get the most out of their trip to the Beijing Hutongs, this audio guide experience draws upon eight years of full time tour guiding experience and research.

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