Urbirun Vilnius - Highlights


Distance: 9.4km / 5.85mi (*6.8km/4.2mi or 11.2km/6.7mi)
Elevation: medium
Rotation: clockwise
Urban constraints: low
Suggested start: City Hall Square / as any urbirun route, you can start wherever you want. Watch for the route rotation direction.

Vilnius is not on the shores of the Baltic Sea, unlike other Baltic capitals. Nevertheless, it has the charm of history battered cities, that have nevertheless benefited from multiple influences. UNESCO World Heritage listed baroque center, wooded hills, banks of the Neris river, you can really run Vilnius really with eyes wide open to its charms.

*Alternative route: you can run a longer tour (more river banks) or shorten the tour (without river banks)
You'll be able to select between different distances during your run.
NB: if you are unsure, check your position on the map and the track.

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City: Vilnius

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