Fatehpur Sikri- Akbar's Abandoned Capital


Warm greetings and welcome to this izi.TRAVEL Guided tour of Fatehpur Sikri, the Mughal
the capital city for just 14 years from 1571 to 1585.

Conceived and built primarily as a fortified military structure, Mughal India was ruled from here. By building a new capital in Fatehpur Sikri as per astronomical plan, Emperor Akbar
championed a blending of all religions, while rooted in Islam, known as the din-I-ilahi or the
"divine faith."

While it no longer exists, the ethos of pluralism and religious tolerance that
defined Akbar's age underlines the secular values of the modern republic of India. Akbar’s
ideas were all-embracing and humanistic, making him a visionary leader ahead of his times.

I am Aparna, waiting to take you on this grandeur tour to feel Akbar’s articulation of multiculturalism
on red sandstones.

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Voice Over Artist         : Ms. Aparna Asthana

Script Writer                : Mr.Umer Sahib

Sound Engineer          : Mr. Anurag Ajith


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