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Located on the south-western ranges of the Himalayas at an elevation of 2205 metres above sea level, Shimla is the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. This capital city is famous for The Mall, the ridge, and the toy train. With colonial-style buildings, the town has relics of ancient past that lend it a distinct look.

The Charm of Shimla was so graceful that it attracted the British colonisers in the 19th century. They made it as their summer capital to get relief from the scorching heat of Delhi. Being one of the popular tourist attractions in India, Shimla is visited by thousands of visitors throughout the year who are attracted by the mesmerising landscape with snow-covered pinnacles of the western Himalayas. The frontier-style architecture with Tudor and neo-gothic design compliments the surrounding and the charming atmosphere of Shimla, which is quite intimidating, making it a must-visit place.

Today, you will be experiencing the Heritage of Shimla. I will be telling you about the legacy of the monuments and its rich heritage as you walk. Simply, plug in your phones, turn GPS auto-play mode and enjoy the tour. I am Aparna, your izi.TRAVEL tour guide. I am sure you must have already listened to the hundreds of izi tours that we have released for India.


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