What is a widget?
A widget is a small functional block placed in the right place of your site.

Also, it's a new way to show your content on an interactive map.
You can customize the visualization of content in various ways, show all content, a specific tour or a single story.

The map is adapted for desktop and smartphone.
Why I need a widget?
  • Clearer for the user

    The user sees all the content on your site, can compare, filter and fully use it.
  • More convenient for you

    The map can be configured to show only your content and embedded on your website. The user will stay on your page!
  • More profitable for everyone

    We share with you the commission from purchases made by users on the map (paid audio guides, hotels, tickets, etc.)*
    * - in development
How do I add a widget to a website?
1. Fine tune up the map
Open the website tmatic.travel and position the map to the desired view, adjust filters for your task or choose a specific excursion.
2. Copy link
Copy the URL link from the browser's address bar. It contains all the map settings you have selected.

To copy a link to a separate tour, click the Share button in the guide title page.
3. Embed the map on your website
Insert the iframe widget into your site's code.

Widget code example:
<iframe width="100%" frameborder="0" style="height: 85vh" src="link to your map" allowfullscreen ></iframe>

You can adjust the height and width of your widget with corresponding parameters.
This service isn't ready yet...
...but we are already working on this service and will be happy to present it to you during 2023.